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Laboratory for Computational Genomics - Yunlong Liu Lab

[NEW] Video collection for the 2013 lectures on Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis is now available in the course website


The video collections for the 2011 lectures on Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis are now available at Youtube and Youku. The slides can also be downloaded.  Please address all the feedback directly to Dr. Yunlong Liu @   


Laboratory for Computational Genomics

Research Focus

The Liu Laboratory (Laboratory for Computational Genomics) uses systems biology approaches to understand regulatory mechanisms of gene expression, including transcriptional regulation, post-transcriptional regulation, and epigenetic regulation.  This area involves several interdisciplinary components, including functional genomics, genetics, computational and statistical modeling, computer science/engineering, and data management.  



Job Opportunities

  • Two post-doctoral fellow positions are available immediately.
  • Multiple graduate/undergraduate student part-time positions available.
  • More details ...


 Lab contact: Yunlong Liu, Ph.D.:, +1 (317) 278-9222