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Bioinformatics Core Policies - Bioinformatics Core

  • Confidentiality

    • Data are kept completely confidential as per HIPAA guidelines. All data are kept on a secure password protected server. Data generated will be reviewed by personnel in the center for quality control purposes. Data will only be sent to the PI or a person he/she designates. Data and analysis results are never discussed with anyone not associated with the project.

  • Project Agreement & Logistics

    • A copy of the Bioinformatics Core Agreement must be completed and signed by all required parties prior to starting any requested project. The agreement must include a valid account number and date of account expiration. If the project is for an external customer a PO must be provided. If the project is a lengthier project it should be approved by the Office of Research Administration.

  • Conflict Resolution

    • Complaints are brought to the attention of Dr. Liu, the Core Director, and an equitable solution is worked out whenever possible. If a solution cannot be agreed upon the complaint is brought to the attention of the advisory committee electronically to assist with conflict resolution.

  • Cost Recovery & Payment Policies

    • Payment is expected for services rendered. Fee-for service hourly rates are set under these accounting principles and the rates/calculations are approved by appropriate authorities in Bloomington annually. Invoicing and bills are done quarterly.

  • Prioritization of Work

    • Projects are prioritized on a first come first serve basis. If needed the projects will be rearranged based on investigator deadlines. In certain situations delays can happen and the PI will be notified.

  • Publication

    • We ask that the Center be acknowledged in all publications resulting from data generated by the Center, and that a copy of the publication be provided to the Bioinformatics Core. Inclusion of center members as authors in publications is expected only when we provide analysis and interpretations of the data. If substantial intellectual contributions are required in data analysis, interpretation and/or manuscript writing are requested, co-authorship should be granted to the Core personnel involved.