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About Us -

Welcome to the laboratory of Lang Li in the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CCBB). Our primary lresearch focus is drug drug interaction.
Our drug interaction research is highly translational:
  • Literature based discovery is utilized to mine existing drug interaction evidences, predict novel drug interaction signals, and identify knowledge gap in the drug interaction research.
  • Electronic medical or health records are utilized to identify clinically significant drug interaction signals. 
  • Physiologically model based pharmacokinetics models and pharmacodynamics models are used to predict clinical drug interaction effects from in vitro drug interaction data.
  • Using cell based perturbation technology and omics data, drug combinatory effect is predicted from the single drug's cell response.
Our computational biology is based on various methods: empirical Bayes, nonlinear regressions, natural language processing, differential equations, genomic bioinformatics, chemo-informatics, and network models.
The goal of our research is to understand both the clinical outcomes and molecular mechanisms of drug interactions.